Video: Kyrie Irving And Kobe Bryant Will Play 1-On-1 For A $50K Charity Donation

07.13.12 7 years ago

We’ve already seen Kyrie Irving light up Team USA with insane handles, but now we might just be treated to a special show. Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving engaged in some good natured trash talking, which quickly devolved into what we all expected: a bet. Except this is no regular bet. Kobe and Kyrie agreed to play 1-on-1 for a $50,000 charity donation.

The video below shows some grade-A smack talk, as Kyrie informs Kobe that he’ll actually “have to guard,” which could be a problem for Kobe’s (*cough) aging legs against Irving’s quickness. Kobe fires back, taunting Irving for having played two games in college (it was 11, but point made), and says he’s about as big as ‘Lil Bow Wow. Although Kobe didn’t play a single minute in college, but we’ll ignore that one for now.

Anyway, enjoy their back and forth below.

h/t HOOPmag

Who would win a game between Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant?

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