Kyrie Irving Has Reportedly Talked To Anthony Davis About Potentially Teaming Up In Boston

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Now that Kyrie Irving has made it clear he plans on sticking with the Celtics for a long time, Boston can focus on other elements of its future. For example, there aren’t many NBA teams that can match the Celtics when it comes to young, impactful players, as Irving and veterans like Al Horford and Gordon Hayward are surrounded by potential stars in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. That doesn’t even consider the other talented young players in Boston (Marcus Smart, Robert Williams, Terry Rozier, etc.) and the war chest of draft picks the Celtics possess.

Of course, these players’ biggest contribution to Boston may not necessarily come on the court if Danny Ainge decides to swing for the fences on a superstar who becomes available on the trade market. This leads to the latest chapter of rumblings regarding Anthony Davis and the Celtics, courtesy of Jay King of The Athletic.

King wrote about where Boston can go post-Irving’s decision to stick around, and included a bit of information regarding the conversations he’s had with the Pelicans star about a potential partnership.

“Several league sources have said they believe Davis could end up either with the Celtics or Lakers if the Pelicans were to move him. If he landed with the Celtics, he’d be reunited with former Team USA teammate Irving,” King wrote. “The two have already spoken about what it would be like to play together in Boston, according to a league source.”

It is extremely important to point out that there’s no guarantee this comes to fruition, and it could simply be a case of one friend saying to another friend “it would be fun if we became teammates some day.” The Pelicans also have the opportunity to give Davis a supermax extension, one that would make him an extremely rich man. Of course, Davis will be rich no matter what team signs him to his next contract, and if he decides he’ll take a little less coin to leave a team that’s closer to contention than New Orleans, that complicates things for the Pelicans.

Regardless, we’ll see you back here for our latest round of rumors connecting Davis to Boston in, like, a month and a half or so. Even if this never happens, you can bet your bottom dollar we’re going to hear about this as long as the Celtics have players to trade and Davis is on a team that isn’t a championship contender.