Kyrie Irving Had A Move So Nice Even Andre Iguodala Was Impressed

01.27.19 4 months ago

Getty Image

Kyrie Irving has one of the best handles in the NBA. You can get lost just watching the Celtics star guard dribble around someone until he gets to the basket. In a way, it’s almost hypnotic because it’s insane that he can do so much with the ball despite his long arms and body.

On Saturday, Irving got matched up against Warriors forward Andre Iguodala. For years, Iguodala was considered one of the NBA’s best perimeter defenders. Age has gotten to him a bit, but he’s still one of the smartest players in the league. You can’t just bring out a bunch of moves against him and expect to get by. That is unless you’re Irving. Even Iguodala can’t help but be broken down by Irving’s crazy handle.

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