Kyrie Irving Will Drop A Pair Of Affordable New Kicks With A PE Inspired By ‘Toy Story’

02.24.18 1 year ago

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Kyrie Irving is known for being a different breed of cat. That can be a strange thing when dealing with, say, his beliefs on Christmas or the shape of the earth, but when he is able to put his creativity towards something related to basketball, the results are usually great. That manifests itself on the court when he’s put into tough situations and he’s able to wiggle his way out of them, and off the court, he puts his creative side to good use when it comes to designing sneakers.

The latest proof of this comes via his new release, a version of his (in his words) “Nike Core shoes.” The coolest part is that they’ll be affordable, coming in at $80 a pair, and from what we can tell, they look like they’ll be worth the relatively low price point.

We don’t know much about how the ones released to the public will look, though, because the pair Irving showed to COSeezy of Sneaker School are a player exclusive inspired by one of his favorite movies, Toy Story.

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