Kyrie Irving Knows About The Jimmy Butler Rumors, But Said He Hasn’t Talked About Free Agency

09.22.18 8 months ago

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Kyrie Irving has heard the talk. The scenario is clear for some, but he wants to set the record straight: He and Jimmy Butler are not in cahoots when it comes to free agency after the 2019 season.

The Boston Celtics point guard says he loves his current team and thinks they’re in for a special season, but he won’t commit long-term to the franchise. Irving has called that strictly a business decision, as he can make much more on the open market — even from Boston — than he could by signing an extension right now.

But other, more calculated, rumors are that Irving wants to team up with Butler and both players want to sign with a team together in free agency next summer. This theory does have some holes, the first of which being that it isn’t very Mamba Mentality of Irving to team up with another alpha dog. Irving left Cleveland in part because the franchise didn’t feel like his own, and that independent streak also appears to be in Butler, if some reports are to be believed.

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