Kyrie Irving’s New Signature ‘Kyrie 3’ Shoe Is Finally Here

Even though he’s been unleashed as the fully realized version of himself this year, he’s always been a fan favorite for his incredible ballhandling and fearless gunning. Before he had proven anything in the NBA, his shoes were huge sellers, whether because of his persona or the fact that the Kyrie 1’s were just plain dope. Now, he’s a champion, and he’s here with the eagerly awaited Kyrie 3’s, as announced in the video above.

It’s a cool look, with webbing all over the shoe similar to his previous designs, with some little raised textures along the side. On the bottom is where it gets really interesting, with those brightly colored “traction pods” meant to improve side-to-side cutting, like cleats for hardwood. For some, picking up the Kyrie 3’s will be a simple matter of grabbing the new hotness, but for others, these sorts of advancements will be tested on the court to see if they really make a difference.

There are also subtle messages from Kyrie’s personal story all over the shoe, with the names of his late mother Elizabeth and his daughter Azurie, as well as personal mantras like JBY (Just Be You) and H+H (Hungry and Humble) to remind you that this isn’t just something Kyrie slapped his name on — it’s his shoe, through and through.