Kyrie Irving Will Not Pinpoint A Reason Why He Left The Cavs, Because He’s An Adult

10.17.17 1 year ago

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One of the the most talked-about storylines during the NBA offseason was Kyrie Irving’s self-imposed exile from Cleveland. Irving went from looking to be the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers if/when LeBron left town, to being the foil for Cavs fans whenever he steps foot in Quicken Loans Arena.

It was unknown why exactly Kyrie wanted to leave the Cavs. Was it because he didn’t want to stay in Cleveland if LeBron did leave? Or perhaps it was because Irving needed a new challenge and a change of scenery to go along with that challenge?

On Tuesday, Irving provided absolutely no context to why he left. In fact, Irving was steadfast in not giving any sort of clue as to why he left Cleveland. Instead, he reiterated that leaving the Cavs was all about being happy and pushing his career forward.

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