Kyrie Irving’s Top 10 Crossovers

12.11.12 6 years ago
Kyrie Irving returns to Cleveland’s lineup tonight against the Lakers after missing 11 games with a broken finger. However, be very surprised if the injury, or the wrap he’ll cover it with, holds back Irving’s world-class handle much. Every elite NBA guard has his trademark element, whether it’s Russell Westbrook‘s power at the rim, Derrick Rose‘s sixth gear or Chris Paul and Deron Williams‘ Chess master vision. For Irving, it’s the change-of-direction on his handle and how using his crossover, he can get his defender going the opposite direction with a simple look or hesitation. Irving has played in but 61 NBA games at this writing but the timing is right, nonetheless, for a look at his top 10 career crossovers.

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When Duke played Oregon in Portland in 2010, it was to get Kyle Singler a game in his home state. Mostly, though, the NBA scouts there came to watch Irving’s handle, a draw he made sure paid off when he came in from the left wing.

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