Each Team’s Best Potential Offer For A Kyrie Irving Trade, Ranked

07.28.17 2 years ago 12 Comments

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At this point, it seems like more than half of the NBA has been linked to a potential deal for Kyrie Irving. That’s not a huge surprise — Cleveland has been put in a position where it kind of has to trade its talented guard after he requested a trade last week. This has driven his value down a bit, and has led to some teams being hesitant to include certain assets in a deal for Irving.

But what if every team decided they wanted to get in on the Irving sweepstakes, making it so the trade market for Irving became more robust as teams were bidding against on another? We decided to imagine a scenario where all 29 teams get in on the Irving rumors and submit their best deals to the Cavs. Here are the rules:

  1. These trades have to be somewhat realistic, even in this absurd hypothetical situation. The Pelicans wouldn’t give up Anthony Davis for Irving, but maybe DeMarcus Cousins wouldn’t be a stretch.
  2. These trades have to be Trade Machine-friendly.
  3. All deals with rookies are made with the assumption that rookies can be traded. (Rookies cannot be traded within one month of signing their first contract.)
  4. This assumes every team wants to trade for Kyrie, even if it makes no sense, because this is the internet and things are not supposed to make sense.
  5. Teams are ranked by how they answer this question: “If every one of these trades were on the table, which one would the Cavaliers say yes to the fastest?”

Let us rank teams.

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