Kyrie Irving Shows Us A ‘Timeless’ Uncle Drew In His Latest Ad

06.05.18 7 months ago

Kyrie Irving has quite the summer on the horizon. Sure, he has to work on getting his knee right so he can make his return to the floor next season for a Boston Celtics squad that looks like it will have sky-high expectations, but off the court, Irving is going to star in a film based on a series of Pepsi commercials, Uncle Drew.

It’s quite the unique situation, as ad campaigns don’t exactly get turned into feature-length films all that often. Uncle Drew is a bit different, though, as it has existed for years and has managed to build a world and a character based around a premise. If any character from a commercial is going to get turned into a movie, it might as well be this one.

Before that, though, Pepsi decided to throw together another commercial that depicts Uncle Drew over the years. It’s the kind of silly, slightly out there commercial that you’ve come to expect out of Irving, but it manages to be entertaining, regardless.

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