Kyrie Irving Dressed Up Like Uncle Drew And Scored 71 Points While Playing Pop-A-Shot

Kyrie Irving is now a Boston Celtic. In the grand scheme of NBA things, this means a lot, and puts Boston in a really good position to possibly win the Eastern Conference in the near future, especially if LeBron James decides he wants to leave Cleveland and head out west next offseason.

But for Uncle Drew, Irving getting traded doesn’t mean anything. That’s because if Uncle Drew focuses at all on the Irving deal, it may take away from his one passion in life: getting buckets. He showed off his ability to stroke the basketball in any situation when he went to an arcade, played a game of pop-a-shot, and lit it up like the Fourth of July.

Conventional wisdom when playing pop-a-shot says that you don’t shoot the ball, you just throw as many at the hoop as you possibly can and odds are a bunch will go in. But Uncle Drew did not do that, partly because it looks like this pop-a-shot is set up so you have to shoot jumpers. Instead, he showed off his flawless form and hit shot after shot, especially during the stretches where he got so scorching hot that he could not miss.

It kind of goes without saying, but Irving, even when he’s in his Uncle Drew gear because he’s working on a movie, is extremely good at shooting the basketball.