Nick Young Ignited A Scrap Between The Lakers And Bucks After A Hard Foul

A skirmish between the Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks nearly saw Swaggy P get swaggy punched on Friday night.

Malcolm Brogdon‘s hard foul against Nick Young sparked a bit of a scrap between the two teams in the third quarter at Stapes Center. Young shoved Brogdon after the play, then was immediately pushed into another Bucks player by Greg Monroe.

That got the attention of, well, everyone and sparked a bit of a fracas. A kerfuffle, if you will. Young got upset and started pushing back, while teammate Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell of the Knicks also got physical.

Nothing really happened here, and no punches were thrown, but it did put a charge in the crowd and result in three ejections so it did significantly alter the rest of the game.

Russell and Monroe were each given double technical fouls and ejected from the game, while Young was given a tech as well. That was his second of the game, so he hit the showers early as well. The whole incident happened with Milwaukee leading 83-73 late in the third. Young left with 16 points, while Russell had 14 on the day.

With both out of the lineup, Milwaukee managed to hang on and win, 107-103.