A Lakers Superfan Has Put Up His Own Billboards To Try To Recruit LeBron

03.07.18 11 months ago

Getty Image

NBA free agency recruitment has unofficially entered its next evolutionary phase. In this age of innovation and connectivity, it only makes sense that we’d seek to leverage every technological advancement at our disposal to lure superstar players to town. Which is why the hottest new free agency recruitment tool today is…billboards?

That’s right. Sixers fans made quite a splash last month when they paid for a series of billboards around the Cleveland area beckoning LeBron James to “Complete the Process” and sign with Philly this summer, to which some Cavs fans responded with, no kidding, a series of billboards of their own.

Maybe it has something to do with Martin McDonagh’s Oscar-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. That’s the only way to explain why a Lakers superfan has also joined the billboard-making fray with his own self-funded series of roadside messages for LeBron.

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