People Were Not Pleased With This Lakers Fan Cheering For The Warriors

LeBron James and the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers played at Golden State on Monday night in a game where they probably should have rested their starters and saved it for the Finals. If they did rest LeBron, though, the biggest Kobe Bryant fan in Oakland would have missed out on seeing his third favorite player in action.

One Bay Area sports fan got great seats to the NBA Finals rematch and decided to wear his favorite Kobe Bryant jersey while cheering for the Warriors. TNT cameras caught him cheering after a Steph Curry 3-pointer put Golden State up 10 in the first quarter.

Some folks on Twitter noticed the guy in the crowd shot as well.

They were … less than kind.

There were a lot of emojis involved in these tweets.

None of these people just assumed his Warriors gear was in the laundry basket.

There’s been a lot of talk about the large bandwagon trailing behind Golden State due to their recent run of success. Somehow, a curious amount of fresh-looking jerseys and hats follows a good sports team around. That’s why it’s particularly interesting to see this guy not even bother to gear up for one of the bigger regular season games of the year.

Hey, at least he had fun — Draymond Green and the Warriors trolled the Cavs and won going away.