Kobe Bryant Is Teaching His Daughters To Use Losing As Motivation

07.03.17 9 months ago

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When it comes to debates about a players’ greatness the conversation always ends up centering around how many a championships a player has won during their career. This also known on the streets as the ringz argument. And while winning a or multiple championships definitely adds support to an individual player’s overall career credentials, there is a whole lot more that factors into how great they truly are.

The ringzzz argument is what Kobe Bryant’s most loyal fans usually use when they debate the greatness of the Los Angeles Lakers legend, and unsurprisingly, the ultra-competitive Bryant feels the same way – winning it all is more important than anything else. At least that’s how Bryant is teaching his daughters.

During an interview with Al Michaels and Janet Evans, Bryant talked about how his daughters got a participation trophy for finishing fourth in a basketball tournament. Bryant was not a fan of his daughters getting the accolade but told them they need to use it for motivation so they can one day eventually win first in everything that they do.

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