Lakers Rookie Kyle Kuzma Has One Of The Best ‘Call Of Duty’ Dorm Stories We’ve Ever Heard

11.17.17 4 months ago

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Kyle Kuzma is a no-frills type of dude. The Lakers rookie didn’t come into the league with too much hype, but early on this season, he’s been one of the best players in the City of Angels. Through 15 games, Kuzma is averaging 15.5 points and 6.8 rebounds a night.

Uproxx Sports got to sit down with Kuzma to talk Call of Duty, what his definition of a “Flint basketball player” is, and more.

What first got you interested in Call of Duty?

I’ve always been interested in video games from a young age, I used to play SOCOM for the PS2. They stopped making the series so I was trying to find another shooting game, and there came Call of Duty. Ever since then I’ve been kinda hooked on it.

What’s your best Call of Duty dorm story?

There was one time my entire room was playing, we had like four tv’s and I was very close to getting a nuke because I was on a killstreak, I had 23 kills to zero deaths. My roommate, he accidentally turned off the power switch in the entire room. He kinda shut my dreams down with that.

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