The Lakers’ Season Actually Ended With Adam Levine’s 40th Birthday Party

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The final game of the 2018-19 season for the Los Angeles Lakers season meant nothing, but it had absolutely everything. Magic Johnson abruptly quit his job as team president, alerting the media to it before he actually told Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. What resulted was nothing short of chaos, and then a basketball game in which it looked like the Lakers would upset the Portland Trail Blazers until a Moe Harkless dagger from the corner shocked the already-shocked Lakers.

After the final shot fell for the Blazers, there was LeBron ducking the media and a whole lot of reaction from Lakers players and the rest of the NBA. But the hoops action wasn’t done at Staples Center, and I don’t mean the Clippers in the NBA playoffs. Once the Lakers cleared the floor, the Maroon 5 frontman took center stage along with a group of friends, all wearing custom Lakers jerseys with the number 40 on them, signifying his new age. Oh, and he has a mohawk now.

No, really. This was the thing that happened to cap off the Lakers season, and one of the wildest NBA days in recent memory.

According to the NBA media that was left watching, it wasn’t all that bad a game, either.

He got his own custom video board birthday message, too.

It might not register to some as strange given all the stuff that happened before the Lakers actually took the court, but in a certain lens it’s the most bizarre thing that happened on what was a completely wild Tuesday night in the NBA. Magic’s departure dominated the news on a night where Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade each played the last home game of their career. And then, late into the night, the lead singer from Maroon 5 debuted a new haircut to a bunch of frazzled sports reporters in Los Angeles.

The regular season isn’t even over yet, and neither is the drama in Los Angeles. But anyway happy birthday, Adam.