The Lakers Are Reportedly Building Their Kawhi Leonard Offer Around Brandon Ingram

06.28.18 12 months ago

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The Kawhi Leonard trade saga kicked into overdrive on Thursday as talks have begun heating up between the Spurs and other teams, most notably the Lakers.

The Spurs, originally reluctant to deal Leonard even after his request, are now apparently ready to move on and are fully engaging in trade talks. This comes on the heels of the Lakers finally getting seriously involved after being rebuffed initially, and for the Spurs to even consider an offer from L.A. means the Lakers are putting the goods on the table.

San Antonio may prefer assets from Boston or elsewhere, as has been reported, but the Lakers are the only team with real motivation to get a deal done soon and give up significant assets. The Celtics, Sixers, and others have concerns about this being a rental situation, so the best assets aren’t involved right now. The Lakers, however, want Leonard in early so they can convince LeBron James to join, so a deal needs to happen for them in the coming days.

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