Lamar Odom Says He Will Resume His Basketball Career In China

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It’s been five years since Lamar Odom played in an NBA basketball game, as the former Sixth Man of the Year famously fell out of the league in astonishing and saddening fashion. Odom has battled drug addiction for years, struggling to stay sober and finding himself with serious health problems at times as a result.

Recently, Odom has seemed to turn a corner and is doing well, and has made clear his plans to resume his basketball career at 38 years old. He initially discussed joining the Big 3, Ice Cube’s league that employs a number of former NBA players, but that never materialized.

Now, Odom has finally found a new basketball home as he’ll be heading overseas to play in China. Odom made the announcement on Thursday morning on Instagram, citing Stephon Marbury as his inspiration to head to China to play ball.

Odom doesn’t name the team he’ll be signing with, so we’ll have to wait to find out what team that is (or if there is an actual deal in place already or if Odom is just stating his intent to play in China next year). In any case, this is hopefully a positive step forward for Odom who has dealt with an awful lot of problems and has seen one of the more unfortunate recent falls in pro sports.

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