Lamar Odom Has Reportedly Made Improvements, But Is ‘Not Out Of The Woods’

Lamar Odom
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Two-time NBA champion and former Sixth Man of the Year, Lamar Odom, remains hospitalized in a Nevada, but recent reports offer a tinge of optimism about his future.

When we last checked in on Odom, multiple outlets had reported drugs in his system, and there was a threat of brain damage. Late last night, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne let us know that he was still intubated (not breathing on his own), but had made small improvements.

Mark Medina echoed those statements in a tweet last night, and — despite not being allowed into the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where Odom is being treated — Medina added that “Odom showed small signs of progress late Wednesday afternoon.”

There’s a whole bunch of information about what drugs Odom may or may not have taken during his time at the Nevada brothel where he was found unconscious on Monday afternoon, but the more tawdry, sensationalist components of the story irk us, as they would any Odom fan. That’s not to say they’re unimportant, because they likely led to his present condition, but guessing is irresponsible, so it’s best to just let investigators and doctors do their job, and hope he can recover.

Odom may have married into America’s First (TV) Family, but that’s not why DIME — Uproxx’s basketball and NBA vertical — is covering the story. It’s because Odom was a 14-year vet, an NBA champion and a player beloved throughout the league. All the well wishes and condolences we’ve seen over the last 24 hours is a testament to the man Odom really is, regardless of the uninformed rumors currently splashed atop tabloid rags.

Odom has a problem, that’s for sure, but let’s make sure he’s okay before ascertaining exactly what happened at that Nevada Brothel.