Lamar Odom Is Reportedly Recovered Enough To Start Physical Therapy

Lamar Odom
Getty Image

This is great news for Lamar Odom, but he’s got a long road ahead for even basic mobility. After news that he had regained consciousness and was even communicating trickled out on Saturday, sources tell Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News that Lamar is starting physical therapy.

He’s been breathing without the help of the ventilator for the last three days and his breathing, vision, and communication have improved.

Next up: Walking.

Odom is slated to begin physical therapy that will show whether the 35-year-old former basketball player can walk, said sources familiar with Odom’s progression. But it remains unclear how well he can navigate that challenge.

Despite those positive signs, sources tell Medina that Odom is still frequently fatigued and has continued to receive constant treatment on his lungs and kidneys. The threat of brain damage is still a possibility, too, after it was revealed that he took cocaine and multiple — dangerous — herbal sex supplements in the three days leading up to his collapse.

There’s been a loud and vocal rush of support for Odom in the days since he was discovered unconscious at a Nevada brothel. Joe Smith recorded a song for him, and former coaches and teammates have rushed to offer their support and prayers.

This is great news, but he’s not out of the woods just yet. Let’s hope he continues to show signs of improvement.

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