Lamar Odom Was Reportedly Pushed Towards The Most ‘Ominous’ Prostitutes During His Brothel Incident

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In the two weeks that have passed since Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel, reports have indicated that his physical condition has improved. He was able to start physical therapy and head back to Los Angeles. He may have sustained permanent kidney damage as a result of his ordeal, but hopefully, it’s all downhill from here.

On the personal front, Odom’s tenuous relationship with Khloe Kardashian appears to be on the mend, at least for the time being. The duo have called off their divorce, although the owner of the Nevada love ranch would like Odom’s wife to settle his $75,000 tab, and we likely haven’t heard the last word on that subject.

Of course, this brothel encounter probably wasn’t Odom’s first rodeo with illicit substances. His career has been plagued with negative reports (all denied by Odom), that he has ongoing issues with drugs, which progressed into the near-fatal mixture of herbal sex aids, alcohol, and drugs at the brothel. Paired with Lamar’s alleged history of drug use, a new report from TMZ signals trouble. The outlet claims that the brothel intentionally paired Odom up with the most “dangerous” prostitutes of the bunch:

When Lamar arrived at the Ranch, the girls were put in a lineup so Lamar could choose his partners. One of the hookers who was standing there told us management influenced Lamar into picking 2 girls who were known to tolerate drug use.

We’re told the girls who were left standing in the lineup complained bitterly that management should not have pushed a known addict into choosing women who would take him down a bad path … Several of the hookers quit in protest, including Tristen Lace, who says she’s convinced Lamar would not be in the hospital if he had chosen different, less ominous hookers.

The two prostitutes who spent time with Odom during his stay are now on suspension, as management claims they lied about their drug use. This statement directly conflicts with the Lace’s allegation that the two ladies had an “ominous” reputation.

Another report, which both Fox News and ESPN endorse, says that Odom’s visit to the brothel was a depressing one. One of the brothel’s owners, Richard Hunter, says Odom was “very polite, just sort of reserved and shy,” and “there was nothing erratic or wild about his behavior.” Hunter says Odom also preferred to sleep alone after his nightly dalliances with the women on staff. Hunter painted a sad portrait of a basketball player who will hopefully find his way back to health.

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