LaMarcus Aldridge’s Meetings With Gregg Popovich Were A Lot Like His TNT Interivews

07.10.15 3 years ago
lamarcus aldridge


Gregg Popovich has never exactly been a fan of the in-game, between-quarters sideline interviews. And by “never exactly been a fan,” I mean he despises them. But, surely, Pop must be much more eloquent when it comes to meeting with free agents, right? Wrong, according to LaMarcus Aldridge.

Now, more than ever, we need an oral history of the Spurs’ recruitment meetings with Aldridge. It could possibly be the shortest oral history of all time, with the specific word count for Pop coming in at less than 100 words. Was Pop nice to Aldridge? Or did he treat him with the same disdain he does the sideline reporters? Perhaps we’ll never have the answer, and that is truly a crime.

(via Dan McCarney)

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