LaMarcus Aldridge Caught Gregg Popovich Off Guard By Revealing He Has Been Unhappy In San Antonio

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10.05.17 2 Comments

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LaMarcus Aldridge left the Portland Trail Blazers in 2015 to join the San Antonio Spurs. He went from being the star in the Pacific northwest to a cog in the Spurs machine, and as it turned out, the All-Star forward had some unhappiness over his new role with the Western Conference juggernaut.

Aldridge and Gregg Popovich told Michael C. Wright of ESPN about the heart-to-hear the pair had this offseason regarding the way Aldridge was used in San Antonio. While Aldridge caught Popovich off-guard, telling Wright that he didn’t think his coach noticed he was unhappy, Popovich said that Aldridge’s gripes were understandable because “when you have nine years under your belt, doing something different, his concerns are totally legitimate.”

Namely, the two discussed Aldridge’s role in San Antoino’s offense. The Spurs are known for their desire to share the ball and trick defenses with constant passing and movement, but to Aldridge, who was used to being the focal point of the offense in Portland, this was a hard thing to accept.

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