LaMelo Ball Attempted Another Halfcourt Pull-Up And This Time It Didn’t Go So Well

LaMelo Ball is a standout high school basketball player so confident even Steph Curry was impressed by his willingness to take half court shots. This time, though, that confidence got the best of him.

Ball — a sophomore point guard at Chino Hills High School in California — impressed many last month when he pointed out a spot on the floor at halfcourt and nailed the shot in the face of a defender.

This time, Ball had a much harder time replicating the massive 3-pointer. Etiwanda’s Miles Oliver noticed Ball spot up for the shot and got his hand on it for a big block. The deflection fell fall short of the hoop, the crowd reacting to the play with an impressed mix of applause for the defensive effort and awe at Ball’s decision to keep taking crazy long shots.

Later in the game, Ball threw a slick no-look pass to a teammate over his head while faking a drive to the hoop. That one drew impressed applause, even from the Etiwanda crowd. Ball — already committed to UCLA — is part of an impressive Chino Hills team that also includes his brother, senior LiAngelo Ball. He’s also headed to UCLA.

Ball is Life — which isn’t just a LaMelo Ball fan site but has a very convenient name if it were in need of a quick pivot — has general highlights from this one if you’d like to see more. Though the Etiwanda crowd threw some chants of “overrated” at Chino, the Huskies beat the home team, 72-67.

(via Ball is Life)