LaMelo Ball Will Play In Australia And Hopes To Be The Top Pick In The 2020 NBA Draft

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The big Ball family news of the weekend was a new NBA team for Lonzo to play for this fall, but it turns out LaMelo Ball will also have new digs next season. The 17-year-old from Chino Hills does not have NCAA eligibility after a stint in Lithuania along with his brother, LiAngelo.

Since then, Ball has played in a basketball league organized by his father and for an Ohio school, but his next step appears to be a trip across the world to play in Australia. Rumors swirled that Ball had interest in playing in the National Basketball League in Australia, and that was confirmed on Monday.

The news broke on ESPN’s The Jump, where LaVar and LaMelo Ball were guests to talk about his future in hoops.

Ball evoked the “take my talents” like that came with LeBron James ‘Decision’ to head to Miami and play for the Heat back in 2010. This move is obviously a much smaller one in the basketball world, especially when some major free agent decisions lay ahead from players who are already pros. But LaMelo has big hopes, and he says the time he spends in the NBL can launch him to the top of draft boards in 2020.

LaVar seems confident of that, too.

Not every LaVar prediction has come true since he willed Lonzo getting drafted by the Lakers into existence, but it’s good to set goals every now and again. It’s a lofty one for LaMelo, but he’ll have a long season a long way from Chino Hills ahead to make it happen.