Only Big Ballers Can Afford To See The Balls Play After Their New Team Jacked Up Ticket Prices

12.15.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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If you want to see LiAngelo and LaMelo ball play professionally in Lithuania you’ll officially have to pay Big Baller prices. Since the younger of the three Ball brothers announced their intentions to go pro and signed with the Lithuanian club Vytautas Prienai, ticket prices for the club’s games have skyrocketed.

Perhaps as an attempt to turn a better profit than the coach that sells meat out of the back of his car after practice, Vytautas Prienai tickets have jumped nearly three times their standard rate in the days since the Ball brothers signed with the club.

As For The Win points out, tickets for an ordinary regular season game for Vytautas Prientai cost about 2.40 euro on a Lithuanian ticket retailer’s website. Based on a quick Google search, that means tickets run fans about $2.83 in American dollars, which is quite the bargain.

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