For The Last Time: No, Kentucky Would Not Make The NBA Playoffs

It’s that time of year again, folks! Kentucky is once more dominating college basketball, which of course leads to speculation as to whether they would beat an NBA team. But wait, there’s more! This time, former NBA head coach and current SMU coach Larry Brown gets in on the (not) fun.

Let’s put an end to this, right here, right now so we can be done with it until…well, next year probably. Yes, Kentucky is very, very good. Yes, Karl-Anthony Towns could be the number one overall pick in this year’s draft. Yes, they have several other first round picks in their starting line up. But, just, no. This is a stupid argument. It was stupid last year, it’s stupid this year, and it’s going to be stupid next year. No, Kentucky would not make the playoffs in the East.

The current eighth seed in the East is the Miami Heat. Goran Dragic and Dwyane Wade wouldn’t just annihilate the Harrison twins, they would make it so they never existed. Hassan Whiteside/Towns would be an intriguing match up, but Whiteside still wins that battle. Luol Deng would have a field day against their defense, and Erik Spoelstra would run circles around John Calipari.

Even the teams below the Heat would decimate Kentucky. Hornets? Al Jefferson would demolish everyone. Celtics? Avery Bradley would make the Harrisons’ lives miserable. Any match up in the NBA would see the Kentucky Wildcats get thoroughly and unquestionably dominated. If you’re still not convinced, just take it from Calipari himself.

(Joe Danneman)