Larry Nance Jr. Brutalized Brook Lopez With This Monster Facial Jam

Larry Nance Jr. found a lane against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night. Somehow, the Los Angeles Lakers power forward didn’t lose control of the ball en route to a monster dunk.

Nance Jr. started with a quick cut past Anthony Bennett at the 3-point line and suddenly had the entire lane for a runway. In every single frame of this highlight it looks like the basketball is about to fly out of Nance’s reach, but he somehow held on and posterized Brook Lopez in the process with a thunderous dunk. The reaction from the Nets bench says it all. Even they were excited by the extendo arms slam.

When we last checked in with Nance Jr. he was getting put into the spin cycle by Dwayne Wade. But basketball is a game that gives as quickly as it takes, and Nance is back in the driver’s seat tonight.