Larry Nance Responds To An Anonymous Scout Who Said Collin Sexton Is ‘An Asshole’ And Disliked By Teammates: ‘Whoever Said This Is A Moron’

One NBA scout is not a particularly big fan of Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton, and one of Sexton’s now-former teammates has a problem with how he was described. Scouts spoke to Sports Illustrated as part of a piece where they were given anonymity in exchange for their complete thoughts on every team in the league — a not uncommon thing to read over the course of a sports’ particular calendar — and when it came time for the Cavs, one scout in particular unloaded on the team’s fourth-year guard, calling him “an asshole” and saying that “none of his teammates like him.”

While Sexton is by no means a perfect basketball player, these sorts of remarks go beyond talking about what he can and cannot do on the basketball court. It got plenty of criticism from the basketball watching world, with one of Sexton’s former teammates, Larry Nance, coming to his defense.

Nance and Sexton were teammates on the Cavaliers for each of Sexton’s first three years in the league. While they are no longer on the same team — Nance was sent to the Portland Trail Blazers as part of a three-team trade involving the Chicago Bulls — Nance was perhaps the most outspoken member of the Cavs’ roster over the last few years and is as good a person as there is to provide perspective on how things work in that locker room.