Larry Sanders Teased His NBA Return On Twitter With This Poll About Teams That Would ‘Best Utilize’ Him

Larry Sanders
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Larry Sanders has not been in the NBA since the Milwaukee Bucks bought out his contract in February of 2015, before he entered into treatment for emotional issues. Now, Sanders is seemingly preparing to make his return to the NBA. To that end, he turned to the Internet on Monday to ask the people which team they think would make the best use of him.

Helpfully he included a pair of polls.

On Sanders’ Twitter page, Sanders asked the question, “Which team do you believe will utilize my skills the best?” He provided eight choices: the Warriors, Cavaliers, Knicks, Celtics, Bucks, Lakers, Heat, and Dallas. Why he didn’t call Dirk Nowitzki’s team the Mavericks, we do not know. There is still a few days left to vote, but, at the moment, the Bucks, Sanders’ former team, is the clear leader in the polls.

Of course, one assumes that Sanders is not actually going to allow his decision to be swayed by a fan poll. He’s probably just stirring up excitement and intrigue about his NBA return. Also, we don’t really know if any of these four teams are interested in signing Sanders, although clearly he is interested in them. Maybe, in the end, the people will get what they want, and Sanders will be a Buck again. Unless the poll results change, naturally.