Last-minute rumors and trades before the 2010 NBA Draft

06.24.10 8 years ago 30 Comments

Derrick Favors at Georgia Tech

Later on tonight, 60 ballplayers will live out a dream moment, while at least 60 more will feel the sting of getting pretty close to the dream but falling short. (Before re-focusing on making it the hard way.) That would be the NBA Draft, and as we get closer to the festivities at Madison Square Garden, the trade rumors and high-stock/low-stock speculation is running rampant … For the longest time it seemed the Nets were clearly taking either Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins at No. 3, but yesterday Wes Johnson suddenly entered the picture: On one hand because he’s been killing in workouts, and because there may be a little handshake deal in place where if the Nets take Johnson, his agent will deliver them Carlos Boozer in free agency. That sounds good in theory — but is Boozer really the guy you want to trust in a handshake agreement? Just saying, there’s a few people in Cleveland who wouldn’t trust Boozer to order their pizza without looking out for his own interests first and foremost … And if Johnson gets snatched up before the Wolves pick at No. 4, will David Kahn panic and draft another point guard? Maybe somebody else who doesn’t want to play in Minnesota? … Ed Davis is looking more and more like a lock for the Pistons with the 7th pick. We got up with Ed and Wes at the EA Sports NBA Elite 11 launch party the other night, and found out Davis has had a longtime mentor who’s already a pretty big deal in the Detroit organization. Sounds like a perfect fit for him … The Nets added a second-round pick in 2012, which they got from the Bucks in exchange for Chris Douglas-Roberts. Milwaukee GM John Hammond already won Executive of the Year for ’09-10, and he’s making another push early. The Corey Maggette trade is hit-or-miss, but if that hits and CDR gives the Bucks a quality scorer to replace some of what they’re losing with John Salmons and Healthy Michael Redd, there’s no reason this team won’t stay in the playoff picture … The Heat sent their first-round pick (No. 18) and Daequan Cook to the Thunder for the 32nd pick. Was that really worth it for Miami just to save a couple million dollars? The biggest thing they have to do this summer is convince Dwyane Wade — and hopefully a couple other All-Stars — that the franchise is ready to do what it takes to win. So right before free agency they decide to give up a first-round pick in a solid draft and their best (or at least second-best after Q-Rich) three-point threat? … Twitter post from Mo Williams (@mogotti2): “Pls don’t trade me, I’m not ready to go. I’m begging. My work ain’t done yet. I’m on both knees. pls. I’m serious.” Damn homie. Haven’t you ever heard of leverage? … Yesterday was a pretty crazy day sports-wise. First you had the Team USA Word Cup win over Algeria, where Landon Donovan‘s goal was the soccer equivalent to Robert Horry‘s “Look what I found!” buzzer-beating three. Then there was the epic 10-hour Wimbledon tennis match between Jonathan Isner and Nicolas Mahut that, oh yeah, isn’t finished yet. (They’re picking it up at 59-59 in the fifth set today.) We can’t even think of an NBA equivalent for this. But if you needed one basketball player on your side for a marathon game, who would it be? We broke down the League’s top five fitness warriors. Just to kill your suspense, Eddy Curry didn’t make the list … We’re out like handshake deals …

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