All The Funniest Replies To Latrell Sprewell’s Likely Fake Endorsement Of Donald Trump

Latrell Sprewell
Getty Image

Latrell Sprewell hasn’t made the best decisions in his post-basketball career, and that trend continued when Sprewell appeared to endorse Donald Trump on Twitter (we say “appeared” because, although the account is verified, we’re pretty sure it’s not Sprewell).

Now, maybe it wasn’t a true endorsement, and the person posing as Sprewell was merely congratulating Trump on a hard-fought win in Nevada, because that’s a normal thing people do. I guess. Either way, the internet was not pleased with Sprewell, and expressed said displeasure in every manner imaginable.

See, it’s funny because that’s the look the dad gives Sprewell in that Priceline commercial. Some voiced their concerns in the most internet way imaginable: GIFs and memes.

Others resorted to shaming Sprewell with his previous mistakes, such as choking PJ Carlesimo or releasing shoes with spinners.

We hope, for the sake of everyone involved, that this turns out to be just another parody account. Of course Sprewell (if it really is him) and everyone else is free to voice their support for whichever candidate they choose – that’s their right as Americans. But, really? Trump? Latrell’s gotta provide for his family, but Trump won’t help him there at all. You can do better, Sprewell, or whomever you really are.