LaVar Ball Believes Big Baller Brand Is Bigger Than The Ball Family

07.06.17 2 years ago

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By now, most every NBA fan is all too familiar with LaVar Ball. The patriarch of the basketball playing Ball family and No. 2 overall pick Lonzo Ball is a ubiquitous presence on the sports TV circuit, whether he’s on in person or simply being talked about, and there’s even a reality show in the works about the Ball clan. He’s loud, brash, and at times controversial, but he’s unavoidable.

That said, the television persona of LaVar Ball, who is relentless in marketing his trio of sons and their budding sneaker and apparel company Big Baller Brand, appears to be only part of the man. He’s always loud and he’s always wanting to talk about his boys, but there’s more to Big Baller Brand than just being he and his son bucking the system.

Ball wrote a feature about Big Baller Brand and what he hopes to accomplish with it for SLAM Magazine, released on Thursday, that offers a glimpse into the mind of LaVar and why there’s more thought put into the BBB movement than many would expect. Ball explained that, beyond the hope that BBB is successful, he wants it to start a conversation among top prospects and their families about how they can gain more control over their brands from the start.

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