LaVar Ball’s CNN Interview Caused The Internet To Melt From Confusion And Astonishment

It’s 2017. Now, President of the United States Donald Trump is feuding with LaVar Ball, the outspoken CEO of the Big Baller brand, and overall big mouth hype man for his NBA player son. In this week of Thanksgiving, we are through the looking glass, people, considering the purchase of $500 shoes.

First, some backstory: After LaVar Ball’s son LiAngelo was briefly detained in China after being caught shoplifting, the State Department got involved and brought the UCLA basketball player home. Donald Trump demanded thanks. Liangelo and the other UCLA players that made it home thanked him. LaVar Ball refused. Then Trump tweeted that since Ball didn’t pledge fealty, the US citizen should’ve been left in a Chinese jail.

So, LaVar decided to hop on CNN and talk to Chris Cuomo in one of the most insane segments ever broadcast. Here’s a minute of the two men talking about the nuance of thanking.

Spoiler: neither man thanked the other at the end of the interview, which was concluded instead with shouting, slight confusion, and a bright smile:

As for the rest of the internet, there were takes on the madness that was this interview. Many takes.