LaVar Ball Gifted His Longtime Handyman A Job And A Brand New Truck

09.13.17 5 months ago 2 Comments

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LaVar Ball makes headlines on a regular basis due to things he says, but, for once, his actions spoke louder than his words with a gesture he made to his longtime handyman Felipe.

Ball took Felipe and his family to a local car dealership in order to give him a brand new 2017 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, because his current vehicle was having transmission issues that was making it difficult to get to jobs. Ball told ESPN’s Myron Medcalf he just wanted to do something nice for someone he’s known has been working hard for a long time and struggling a bit recently.

“It’s just something I did for him,” Ball told “He’s been working a long time trying to make ends meet. That car ain’t gonna get him from place to place. Now he has a car that can get him from Point A to Point B.”

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