Jay Bilas Ripped LaVar Ball For Being A ‘Misogynistic Buffoon’

07.31.17 8 months ago 4 Comments

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The latest controversy involving LaVar Ball relates to the most famous basketball father in the world having a referee removed from a game because she gave him and his son technical fouls. Ball’s antics at the adidas Uprising tournament as he coached the Big Ballers, starring his youngest son LaMelo, caused quite the stir as adidas gave in to Ball’s claims that the female referee had a vendetta against him and removed her at halftime.

That move has been decried by many, including the NBA’s referee association, and the referee association that staffed the event has cut ties with any adidas events moving forward due to their decision to remove the referee at Ball’s request. Adidas issued an apology on Monday for what happened, but Ball was far less apologetic after the game on Friday, when he insisted she should “stay in her lane” — a common refrain he’s used towards women in the past — and shouldn’t be a referee for men’s games.

Those comments, coupled with some of his past statements, seem to indicate a trend towards how LaVar Ball views women being involved in sports. ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas wrote an op-ed on Ball’s recent comments and explained why he’s gone from enjoying Ball’s antics to viewing him as problematic and misogynistic.

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