LaVar And The Big Baller Brand Family Reflected On Their Ridiculous WWE Raw Appearance

06.27.17 9 months ago 4 Comments

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If you haven’t had time to catch up on either basketball or wrestling news today, scrolling through our website may have left you with a number of questions. What happened on WWE Raw? Why is LaVar Ball taking off his shirt on live television? I’m sorry, LaMelo Ball said what?

To answer … well, some of those questions, let’s break it down for you. LaVar Ball and his family went on WWE Raw as guests of Intercontinental Champion The Miz for his talkshow segment Miz TV. LaVar is a certified Big Baller in at least 30 states across America, so he took off his shirt both to fight the Miz and, y’know, cuz that’s how Big Ballers ball.

LaMelo (the smallest of the Big Balls) got all jacked up over his dad shirtlessly flailing in the Miz’s general direction and swore a little bit.

WWE apologized profusely for the soft n-bombs, making it clear that only their aging white patriarch is the one allowed to say it on television.

That was all a real rollercoaster of shenanigans, huh.

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