The Latest ‘Is LaVar Ball Hurting Lonzo’s Draft Stock’ Report Tells Us What We Already Know

05.15.17 10 months ago 5 Comments

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“Is LaVar Ball hurting Lonzo’s draft stock?”

This has been a question for the better part of five months as the UCLA star and presumptive top-3 pick’s father became increasingly vocal about his son’s basketball prowess (as well as his own) and became a staple of the midday sports talk show circuit. LaVar Ball says lots of things, most of which are ridiculous. He compares his son and himself to Michael Jordan. He talks about UCLA having too many white guys to win, and he sells his son’s shoe for almost $500.

Despite all of those antics, the answer to that question has been “not really,” no matter how many times its asked to any number of unnamed executives around the NBA. The latest instance of this comes from this week’s NBA Combine, where both Balls are absent as they, along with many other top prospects, pass on the poking and prodding and testing of the combine that can only really hurt their stock at this point. Marc Berman of The New York Post decided to ask around with the question we’ve already seen answered and got, unsurprisingly, most of the same answers.

The general consensus from the “dozen” scouts, GMs, and personnel executives that Berman spoke with was that Ball can play, it really doesn’t matter if his dad talks a lot and says some outlandish things, and that he’s most likely not going to slide past No. 2. Alright, so why do we keep talking about this? Because you can get anonymous scouts or executives that have no chance of getting Ball to say things like this.

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