LaVar Ball Drops By Weekend Update On ‘SNL’ To Defend His Sons With His Trademark Bravado

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It has been a few months since we last saw LaVar Ball on SNL, but Kenan Thompson’s spot-on impression of the unruly basketball dad has finally returned to Weekend Update to discuss Lonzo Ball’s start in the NBA, his decision to homeschool his youngest son Lamelo Ball, and the ongoing legal troubles LiAngelo Ball is facing in China. Luckily, much like the real LaVar Ball, the SNL version wants you to know that none of them have anything worry about.

Not only is Lonzo still on track to earn every award in the NBA by the end of his rookie season, he is also in line to take a few outside the NBA too. This includes every Powerball jackpot and the next America’s Top Model, which is a stretch but you have to think that LaVar is going to push him until it actually happens.

SNL’s LaVar also denies that LiAngelo did anything close to shoplifting in China, pointing out that someone with their own sneaker would never have to steal a pair of sunglasses. Those shoes, running for $700,000 a piece — you can only buy one at a time — and they feature power laces, a BOSE 24 speaker sound system, and a chicken rotisserie cooker. Who doesn’t want a shoe that can cook the perfect rotisserie chicken? They’re probably getting plenty of play at Lamelo’s French restaurant, at least according to LaVar Ball.

At least these latest shoes light up and don’t look completely like a diabetic shoe.

(Via SNL)

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