The Internet Unloaded On LaVar Ball After Kentucky Took Down UCLA In The Sweet 16

You knew this was going to happen. If Kentucky beat UCLA in the Sweet 16, everyone on Twitter was going to use it as an opportunity to make fun of LaVar Ball, the brash and outspoken father of Bruins guard Lonzo Ball. That ended up happening, as the Wildcats took UCLA down, 86-75.

Twitter’s jokes about LaVar had to surpass a pretty high bar for them to be funny, especially because he’s drawn the ire of the web before. Even Tony Allen knew that it was going to be a long night for the most famous sports dad in America right now.

Despite the high expectations, the internet rallied together and managed to have a ton of fun at LaVar’s expense.

One person made it a point to remind us all that UCLA hoops has been in the news over the last week or so for another reason. Bruins head coach Steve Alford has been linked to the Indiana job, and seeing as how his two younger sons are also headed to UCLA, one person thinks LaVar may want to help Alford get out of town.

Another reminded us that LaVar guaranteed that the Bruins would win the championship earlier this year, which some people took as an opportunity to make jokes.

Oh, on that last note, there were a lot of jokes about the performance De’Aaron Fox had against the Bruins. While Lonzo came into the game as the player that a lot of people pegged as the best draft prospect, Fox lit him up, scoring an NCAA freshman record 39 points in the victory.

It’s important to remember that Lonzo didn’t ask for any of this. While he didn’t have his best game (10 points, 8 assists), Ball is going to end up looking really bad due to his dad’s outspoken personality. It’s possible to feel for him due to the loss and still think that all of these jokes about his dad are hilarious.