The Ball Family Arrived In Lithuania To A Frenzied Airport Welcome

01.03.18 4 months ago 2 Comments

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The Ball family didn’t take long to make some waves in 2018 as LiAngelo, LaMelo and LaVar all made their arrival in Lithuania on Wednesday as the youngest Ball brothers get set to make their professional basketball debut (anticipated to happen next week).

The Ball boys will play for Vytautas, a small club in Lithuania, and it’s uncertain just how much playing time they will receive and at what level, but in any case, LaVar accomplished his goal of getting his sons on the same team in Europe. The people of Lithuania have seemed relatively excited about the Ball invasion coming their way, and they hope this can bring some positive publicity for their country.

The team is definitely hoping to boost their profile with the move, as they’ve already reportedly partnered with Amazon to sell authentic jerseys in the United States. In any case, the arrival of LiAngelo and LaMelo was a pretty big deal and the good people of Lithuania gave them quite the welcome when the touched down on Wednesday.

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