Indiana’s Lavoy Allen Wrote ‘Go Pacers’ On Floor Of Quicken Loans Arena Because He Has No Chill

Lavoy Allen isn’t afraid to cause a little trouble for the Indiana Pacers.

The power forward had a bit of fun before Game Two of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal against the Cleveland Cavaliers by signing the floor of Quicken Loans Arena before the game tipped off. The message? “Go Pacers.”

WISH-TV reporter Charlie Clifford caught Allen putting silver pen to black court and and even got him to smile and give a thumb’s up for the camera.

That does NOT look like a guy who is ashamed of what he’s doing. In fact, he looks pretty proud. Paul George has called Allen a jokester, but that kind of role player is important on a playoff team. It’s also peak #PETTYSZN, which we all love and want to see move of this playoffs.

This is kind of like writing “Go Yankees” on the Peskey Pole in Fenway Park, though I doubt they will be painting over it as quickly as the foul pole in Boston. I once signed it with a friend and the Sharpie marks barely made it through a weekend series against the Blue Jays before it got a fresh coat of paint.

No word on what LeBron James will do, but it will probably involve Instagram. Or maybe he can take the lines he edited out of Drake songs to make some sort of audio ransom note when the series shifts back to Indiana. I’m just throwing some ideas out here, man. You do you.

(Via SB Nation)