LeBron James Gave A Scouting Report For His Son Bronny’s First Year At Sierra Canyon

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Though LeBron James Jr. (Bronny) is in the news more than almost any high school player in the country, he remains very, very young. As such, the projected 2023 prospect is just arriving at a new high school and, with his father taking up permanent residence in Los Angeles as the face of the Lakers organization, Bronny is headed to Sierra Canyon.

James will team up with Zaire Wade, son of future Hall of Fame guard Dwyane Wade, but in advance of his arrival, the good folks at MaxPreps offered up an open-ended question about what expectations should be for Bronny. On cue, LeBron Sr. weighed in and put some extra shine

On one hand, this is certainly a response that a father would give but, on the other, it carries considerable weight when delivered by an all-time great. James has certainly offered coaching to his son and commented on his game publicly before, so it’s not exactly a surprise. LeBron’s comments focus on the team side of things, which is certainly a wise choice, and doubly so for a player that isn’t likely to set the world on fire as a (very) young player at the best levels of high school basketball.

This certainly won’t do anything to take away the pressure on Bronny, who would always be under the microscope even before his father openly discussed playing alongside him in the NBA. For now, though, LeBron Sr. did his best to pump up his son, without putting extra pressure on him with boisterous statements about scoring and production.