ME AGAINST THE WORLD: Comparing LeBron And Iverson’s Legendary Finals Performances

06.19.15 4 years ago 7 Comments
lebron allen iverson

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Out of the Western Conference emerged a rampaging force, a death machine hell-bent on destruction, driven by a singular player whose very presence on the court induces panic in opposing coaches and fans, added by an offensive gameplan executed with precision. On their way to coronation in the NBA Finals, they met a ragtag bunch from the Eastern Conference, with precious few above-average players, hopelessly dependent on their one transcendent star to drag them across the finish line with the rest of the roster tied to his ankle like a ball and chain.

No one gave the David much of a chance against the Goliath — until the games started being played. Is he actually good enough to beat that juggernaut all by himself? For a game or two at least, yes. Yes, he was.

* * *

Let’s just loop the best bit, because it’s still one of the most baller moves in NBA Finals history. You know it, you love it: the step-over.


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