This Absurd Pass By LeBron James Proves He Has Eyes In The Back Of His Head

Contributing Writer
10.29.16 2 Comments

The old adage is “he has eyes in the back of his head” after someone sees the court really well. It’s a nice compliment, and obviously impossible, except maybe in the case of LeBron James. How else can you explain this ridiculous bounce pass from LeBron to new Cav Mike Dunleavy Jr. in their game against the Magic Saturday night? And Mike even knocks down the three to give ‘Bron the assist.

In reality, it might be Cavs coach Ty Lue that deserves the credit, because the pass and the shot are a result of a beautifully drawn up and executed set play. It’s Tristian Thompson’s impeccably timed back pick that frees up not only Dunleavey but the passing lane for James’ cross-court bounce pass. James still gets some credit, because like any great quarterback he threw the pass before he could actually see Dunleavey was open and had to have to ability actually throw it, and trust in his teammates that they’d handle their end of the bargain. So he took a little dribble to gather his steps, get the timing just right, and hit Dunleavy right in the hands with the pass.

LeBron wasn’t done showing off either. On top of that pass and the nasty dunk on Nikola Vucevic earlier in the game, LeBron is also tossing in four-point plays because two and three-point plays aren’t nearly enough apparently. Oh, and he did this by banking in a three. Yikes.

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