LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Get Ready for Spurs Fight Rocky-Style

After coming across job postings with LeBron James, we’re paying more attention to his site, LeBronJames.com (most athlete sites are turrrrrrrible, but this one is different).

This photo compilation was posted a little while ago – it shows LeBron and Dwyane Wade getting it in Rocky IV-style hitting things and pushing sleds in anticipation of their NBA Finals matchup with the San Antonio Spurs that starts tonight.

This was the copy posted with the pics:

“If it was easy, everyone would have a ring. How hard would you work and how much would you give to achieve your goal? While most people were at home eating a late dinner in front of their favorite evening TV show, LeBron and Dwyane worked out in preparation for today’s game against the San Antonio Spurs.”

All photos are from LeBronJames.com:

We’d love to see Tim Duncan‘s reaction to this. It would likely fall somewhere between “Whatever” and “Blank Stare.”

What is your NBA Finals prediction?

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