Even Andre Iguodala Can’t Stop Talking About How ‘Amazing’ LeBron’s Game 7 Block Was

Before the 2016 NBA Finals became the inspiration for millions of “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead” jokes, there was “The Block.” LeBron James had a bunch of great, jaw-dropping blocks against seemingly-unbeatable Golden State, but it was his Game 7 swat of Andre Iguodala that has become the stuff of legends, certain to be played in every NBA Finals preview montage from now until the sun swallows the Earth.

Even Iguodala can’t stop talking about how awesome it was.

In an interview about that incredible moment, Iguodala certainly gives The King respect for executing that play, and stunning the silly-sign-waving crowd in the process, but it’s actually J.R. Smith that Iguodala credits with a defensive assist.

“If J.R. is not there, I’m dunking it. Well, I don’t know if I’m dunking, though, because I was about to die out there,” Iguodala said while busting out in laughter. “But I give him all respect. When he blocked it, I thought somebody got shot. I laugh about it all the time. People try to joke on me. I still get mentions all day from fans always talking about the block.

“I’m like, ‘Man, that s— was so dope to me, too.’ I was a fan. That s— was amazing. When he blocked it, I was like, ‘Damn, somebody got shot.’ I thought it was funny. Somebody just made a good play. What you want me to do? If you enjoy the game of basketball, you should just be like, ‘Dude made a great play. F— it.'” (Via ESPN)

He’s right and his point of view is refreshing. While most guys want to shut down their embarrassing moments and focus on the present, Iguodala owns it like a champ. Besides, it’s not like that one play caused the Warriors to blow a 3-1 lead.