LeBron James Shared A Horrific Detail About Andrew Bogut’s Leg Injury

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The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a serious loss on Monday night, as Andrew Bogut went down with an injury just minutes into his first game with the team. After getting some testing done, it was determined that the newest addition to the defending champs suffered a fractured tibia, and as of now, he is out indefinitely.

The injury seems like it was pretty nasty, especially when you remember that LeBron James was right there and heard the whole thing happen … wait, what?


Witnessing anyone suffer an injury sucks. Watching a human being go down in a heap and roll around on the ground because they are witnessing serious pain is never easy. Now imagine watching that right after you hear the bone in said person’s leg snap. Actually, don’t do that. It seems gross.

It was a rough night for the Cavaliers on Monday – in addition to Bogut suffering an injury, the team lost to Miami in Cleveland, 106-98. LeBron did everything he probably could, scoring 30 points with 17 rebounds and six assists. That’s one hell of a night, especially when you remember that he learned what it sounds like when a bone snaps earlier in the evening.