LeBron James Used ‘Bad Boys’ Clips To Celebrate Georgia And Pennsylvania Flipping To Joe Biden

Few athletes or celebrities have worked harder than LeBron James this election with his work re-enfranchising people of color across the country to get them out to vote in record numbers. So it’s not a surprise that James took a bit of a victory lap now that Donald Trump, of whom James is clearly no fan, is on the precipice of losing the presidency to Joe Biden.

We didn’t hear a peep from James most of the week, but when he came out of his silence, he made it worth the wait. Responding to a Twitter follower who sent him a clip from Bad Boys of Martin Lawrence, which you can watch below, James celebrated Black turnout in battleground states that Trump won in 2016 for flipping to Biden.

“My people voted they asses off,” James replied.

Speaking specifically of Georgia and Pennsylvania — two states that, as of this writing, have not been officially called but have been trending towards Biden in the last few days — James gave them a Twitter salute.

While exit polls are notoriously tricky and this year’s batch are even more difficult to pin down, it looks like Biden is on track to win Black voters by around 75 percentage points, with young Black folks in particular turning out in larger numbers. In an election in which millions of people are involved, it’s hard to trace any element back to one particular factor, but James’ More Than A Vote campaign and his continued involvement in educating and turning out Black voters has to be treated seriously.